acer travelmate 2200 repair manual

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acer travelmate 2200 repair manual

Please do not offer the downloaded file for sell only use it for personal usage. Looking for other manual? For this no need registration. May be help you to repair. You could suffer a fatal electrical shock. Instead, contact your nearest service center. Note! To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. In addition, Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. These free programs can be found on this page: needed progs If you use opera you have to disable opera turbo function to download file. If you cannot download this file, try it with CHROME or FIREFOX browser. Translate this page: Relevant NOTEBOOK-PC forum topics: ACER laptop Szep napot mindenkinek. Tegnap este telepitettem ra egy SP3-at, itt hagytam az asztalon, hogy frissuljon. Reggel felnyitom es nem megy, ill megy a venti, de kijelzes nincs. Power-t veszi, de se a memoriat nem keresi, sem a vinyot. Olyan mintha valami keszenletben volna. Minden segitseget koszonok. ACER TravelMate 4670 series. Mod: ZB1 Acer 5820TG 1600Mhz-es ram bovites. Kerdesem volna! A fent emlitett laptop kezeli-e az 1600Mhz-es memoria modulokat alapbol,Koszonettel! Acer Aspire 9300 USB port nem reagal Sziasztok, olyan problemam van hogy az Acer Aspire notebook-on levo USB csatik nem reagalnak semmifele periferia csatlakoztatasara. Az 5V-volt jelen van az osszes porton, megprobaltam a drivert torolni majd ujratelepiteni, de nem nagy sikerrel. Az eger mukodik, de a beepitett kamerat sem latja. Igaz az egesz windowsot ujratelepiteni meg nem probaltam. Tudna valaki tanacsot adni mely teruleten keressem a hibat? Bekapcsolas utan megjelenik a kis droid es jelzi: torol.Hagytam orakon at dolgozni, megsem ert a vegere. KB. felorankent magatol ujraindul es folytatja tovabb. Esetleg otlete valakinek? Koszonettel: Kiss Z. Similar manuals: You can write in English language into the forum (not only in Hungarian).

For more information on Acer’s products, services, and support, please visit the web site: Basic care and tips for using your computer. Note: If you are unable to shut down the computer in the usual way, press and hold the power button for more than four seconds. You should then wait at least two seconds before turning the computer on again. Use the correct battery model for your computer.Increase your productivity by working wherever you are.Front view Item Display screen Launch Keys poster, take a few minutes to Description Also called Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD), displays computer output. Turns on the computer power. Inputs data into your computer. Lights green when the computer is on and lights orange when the computer is in suspend mode. Lights orange when the battery is being charged and lights green when the battery is full charged. Connect to Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 devices (e.g., USB mouse and USB camera). Connects to audio line-out devices (e.g., speakers and headphones). Interfaces with infrared devices (e.g., infrared printer and IR-aware computer). Enable the computer to stay cool, even after prolonged use. Connects to a display device (e.g., external VGA monitor and LCD projector). Unlatches to remove the battery pack. Houses the computer's hard disk. Help keep the computer cool. Note: Don’t cover or obstruct the opening of the fans. Icon Function Caps Lock Num Lock Media activity In addition, there are two indicators at the front panel. Even when the cover is closed, the state or features can still be seen. Icon Function Power. Lock keys The keyboard has three lock keys which you can toggle on and off. Lock Key Description Caps Lock When Caps Lock is on, all alphabetic characters typed are in uppercase. It is indicated by small characters located on the upper right corner of the keycaps. To simplify the keyboard legend, cursor-control key symbols are not printed on the keys. Desired Access Num Lock On Number keys on.

Description Windows key Pressed alone, this key has the same effect as clicking on the Windows Start button; it launches the Start menu.Launches Launches the Acer eSetting in the Acer eManager set by the Acer Empowering Key. See “Acer eManager” on page 60 Launches power options. Puts the computer in Sleep. To type: The Euro symbol Open a text editor or word processor. Either directly press the Euro symbol at the bottom-right of the keyboard, or hold Alt Gr and then press the Euro symbol at the upper-center of the keyboard. The cursor responds to your finger movements on the touchpad. In addition, the two click buttons provide the same functionality as a computer mouse, while the scroll key enables easy 4-way scrolling in documents and web pages. Select Click once. Drag Click and hold. Then, slide your finger across the touchpad to drag the cursor over the selection. Access content menu Scroll Note: Keep your fingers, as well as the surface of the touchpad, clean and dry. Press the Acer Empowering Key to run the Acer eManager. Please see “Acer eManager” on page 60. The mail and Web browser are default for Email and Internet programs, but can be reset by users. Getting familiar with your computer. Consult your dealer if you need to upgrade. The tray will be released, and partially popped open. To use the network feature, plug an Ethernet cable into your computer's network jack, and then connect the other end to a network jack or hub on your network. Warning: Your modem is not compatible with digital phone lines. The infrared port can transfer data at speeds of up to four megabits per second (Mbps) at a distance of up to one meter. Built-in stereo speakers are located at the front of the unit. Volume is adjusted using software, such as Volume Control in Windows, Volume Fn keys, or any other application that provides a volume adjustment control. Security slot A slot for a Kensington slot enables you to physically protect your computer from theft.

This chapter provides information for operating on battery power, as well as information on how your computer manages and saves power. Follow these steps again until the battery has been charged and discharged three times. Use this conditioning process for all new batteries, or if a battery hasn't been used for a long time. If the computer is to be stored for more than two weeks, you are advised to remove the battery pack from the unit. To remove a battery pack: Slide the battery release latch to release the battery. Pull the battery from the battery bay. Charging the battery To charge the battery, first make sure that it is correctly installed in the battery bay. Warning: Connect the AC adapter as soon as possible after the battery-low warning appears. If no activity is detected for a period of time (the settings are controlled in Windows Power Management), the computer turns off some, or all, of these devices in order to conserve power. This chapter provides information on connecting peripherals to expand your system. It also describes how to upgrade key components to enhance system performance and keep your computer in step with the latest technology. You are advised to consult your dealer for information on peripherals. See “Hot keys” on page 16 for more information. See “External input devices” on page 41, and “Printer” on page 43 for information on connecting a USB keyboard, keypad, mouse or printer. Other common USB devices include digital cameras, scanners, and external storage devices. This greatly increases your computer's usability and expandability. Consult your dealer for information on PC Card options for your computer. Double click on the PC Card icon on the taskbar, and then select the option to safely remove the card. Wait for the message telling you that it is now safe to remove the card. Press the PC Card eject button to partially eject the card (1). However, in time, you might find that your applications demand even more computing power.

For this reason, you are able to upgrade key components. Note: Contact your authorized dealer if you decide to perform a key component upgrade. Replace the memory compartment door, and fasten the screw. The computer automatically detects the new module and reconfigures the memory. Hard disk upgrade It is possible to replace your hard disk with a higher capacity drive when you need more storage space. This chapter provides tips on things to consider when traveling with your computer. Shut down Windows to turn off your computer. Unplug the AC adapter from the mains outlet, and then disconnect it from the computer. For example, you might need to move from your office desk to a meeting room. In these situations, you don't have to shut down the operating system. Preparing the computer After disconnecting your computer from the desktop, prepare the unit as follows: Remove all media from the drives. Loaded media can damage the drive heads during transit. This will allow you to travel lighter, as you can keep an AC adapter in each location. You might also find it worthwhile keeping a second set of peripherals at home, such as a keyboard, keypad, mouse and printer. Preparing the computer Prepare the computer as you would for normal travel. Remember to take special precautions for air travel. What to take with you It is advisable to take the following items with you: AC adapter. This chapter provides information on the important software that comes with your computer. Next, select the appropriate folder, and then click on the application icon. At the press of the Acer Empowering Key, the Acer eManager user interface appears, featuring two main settings -- Acer eSetting and Acer ePresentation (selected models). To set the Acer Empowering Key, See “Launch keys” on page 21. The Wireless and Bluetooth keys cannot be set by users. See “Launch keys” on page 21 for more information. Before performing a restore operation, please check the BIOS settings.

You will be asked to reenter your password for confirmation before continuing. Solutions to more serious problems may require opening the computer. Do not attempt to open and service the computer by yourself. Contact your dealer or an authorized service center for assistance. Check the following: The volume may be muted. If it is crossed-out, click on the icon and deselect the Mute option. The volume level may be too low. The printer does not work.If the country you are traveling in does not have an Acer-authorized ITW service site, you can still get in contact with our offices worldwide. FCC notice This device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Upon request, you must provide this information to your telephone company. If your telephone equipment causes harm to the telephone network, the telephone company may discontinue your service temporarily. If possible, they will notify you in advance. But, if advance notice is not practical, you will be notified as soon as possible. This includes customer equipment previously labelled permitted or certified.Important safety instructions Read these instructions carefully. Save them for future reference. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. If the product has been exposed to rain or water. If the product does not operate normally when the operating instructions are followed. Adjust only those controls that are covered by the operating instructions since improper adjustment of other controls may result in damage and will often require extensive work by a qualified technician to restore the product to normal condition. General This product complies with the radio frequency and safety standards of any country or region in which it has been approved for wireless use.

This device must be used in strict accordance with the regulations and constraints in the country of use. For further information, please contact local office in the country of use. The function does not emit radio frequencies simultaneously from both antennas. One of the antennas is selected automatically or manually (by users) to have good quality of radiocommunication. This device is restricted to indoor use due to its operation in the 5.15 to 5.25 GHz frequency range. Mr. Young Kim 408-922-2909 408-922-2606. Acer Incorporated 8F, 88, Sec. 1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd., Hsichih Taipei Hsien 221, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: 886-2-2696-1234 Fax: 886-2-2696-3535 Power Management Function (ACPI support function). 36. Chapter 2 System Utilities..Intermittent Problems..Chapter 5 Jumper and Connector Location..By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules: Although the administrator will attempt to moderate comments, it is impossible for every comment to have been moderated at any given time. You acknowledge that all comments express the views and opinions of the original author and not those of the administrator. You agree not to post any material which is knowingly false, obscene, hateful, threatening, harassing or invasive of a person's privacy. The administrator has the right to edit, move or remove any comment for any reason and without notice. Failure to comply with these rules may result in being banned from further commenting. UPDATE: the website is gone. Manuals not available anymore. May be it is just a coincidence that your laptop stopped working after you left it by the sub-woofer. Try to remove parts like hard drive, dvd drive, wireless card, etc.I would also try to connect an external monitor to see if you can get the external video. Try to reseat (or replace if you can) the memory stick. Sometimes a failing memory stick can cause the problem you described. Good luck. When i unplugged the notebook, the beeps stop.

Can anybody help me? System boots up goes into windows XP and then freezes after 5 mins of use or shuts down right away. Dont know if it is over heating however the fan is working fine and I cleaned the heatsink.Even though the heatisnk is clean, it is still possible that the thermal grease dried out and the CPU overheats. It doesn’t look like a software problem, memory problem or hard drive problem because you have to wait for 5-10 minutes before you turn it on. Just in case I would try this. You can download Knoppix operating system. After you download it, you can burn it on one CD. It is Linux live CD. When you boot your laptop from Knoppix CD, it will start Linux OS right from the CD. Knoppix environment is very similar to Windows. When you boot from Knoppix, you bypass the hard drive and the Windows OS and you can illuminate the Windows and the hard drive related problems. If your laptop still shuts down in 5-10 minutes when you run Knoppix, then most likely your laptop is overheating. Booted it up with that and I find no problems with overheat. Comp dosn’t freeze up or shut down. I tried playing a few games that come with it to get the CPU to overheat but no avail. However when I turn the comp off and try to start it back up again I have to do the whole routine of clicking the power button off and on x1000 Or wait 5 mins and then try to turn it on. I am not trying to dismiss the overheating problem however maybe when it boots into windos the CPU overheats alot faster then when I run off of knoppix? Each OS uses the same CPU and if it overheats, it overheats. To check the quality of thermal grease you have to remove the heatsink, that’s the only way. I am not familiar with Acers and cannot guide you. It’s hard to guess what kind of problem you experience, but I still would suspect the overheating problem. Try to apply new thermal grease and see what happens. An Acer travelmate 220.

I had it on my bed, for about 3 hours, and i think perhaps that wasn’t the most intelligent of moves, as it just shut down and now it won’t turn on. I think it may have overheated?? or I may have blown something. But it won’t even register the power cable. I don’t want to take the computer apart, in case this voids the warrenty, however,i would prefer not to pay large amounts of money when i return it.It might be just a coincidence that your AC adapter died when the laptop was on the bed. If you laptop will not register the power cable, it is not just an overheating problem. The computer doesn’t have a very long battery life, so i have been keeping the Ac adaptor plugged in. This time it just turned itself off.If it was an overheating problem, should it be able to turn on again? After the CPU cool down, you should be able to turn it on again until next shutdown. I think you have a bigger problem then just an overheating. It says operating system not found. When i reformat it there is a weird clicking sound and it won’t reboot. There is also another message that says PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable. WHat do I do. Please help. Thanx Brian I have the acer aspire 1362wmli and need to replace the hard drive everytime i take out the screws it gets hung up on one part do you have any advice. Thanx for your time. Brian I work mostly with Toshiba laptops and never repaired a single Acer. After doing a restore the system freezes and the screen shuts off after you complete setup (enter user info etc). Sometimes gets into xp, screen will blank out, system freezes. So it would be just a guess. I repaired a lot of Toshiba laptops with a very similar problem. You turn on the laptop, the CPU fans start spinning, the hard drive disk start spinning, but nothing appears on the LCD screen or an external monitor. In most cases it would be a symptom or a failed memory module. Try to replace the memory stick or install a good known test memory.

Do not forget to connect an external monitor and check if you can get a video output there. If you a video on the external monitor, then the memory is good and most likely the problem is in the display assembly (LCD screen, FL inverter board, video cable, bad connection). It is also possible that the hard drive have failed (“when i tried to boot up the system it got stuck on the welcome screen”) and somehow makes your laptop not to show the video. Try to remove the hard drive and start the laptop. See if you can get a video on the LCD screen. The machine is now back and it won’t initialise meaning: The power lghts, hdisk, dvd etc spin up but nothing happens from there. I have replaced hdisk, ram, dvd, used external monitor nothing, all I get is the power light flashing from green to orange all the time. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. It is possible that some connectors are not seated properly. I would try to reseat the CPU first, not sure if you have an easy access to it. I had a dropped laptop for repair in the past and it didn’t start because the CPU was half way out. This morning I had to troubleshoot Toshiba Satellite P35 laptop with exactly the same symptoms. LED light fine, the fan is spinning, the HDD is spinning, the memory OK but nothing on the LCD screen and the external monitor. After I installed a test CPU the laptop started fine. I’m not familiar with Acer laptop flashing code but it looks like you have some power issue on the system board. I believe it is just a bad connection. Trouble is, now it just shuts itself down after about 1-3 mins of use, which is not nearly enough time to run the gets past the BIOS and will boot from the CD, but thats about it, locks up and shuts down after having copied about 100 megs. So I tried formatting with an old windows cd, and then tried to install windows that way, same problem, only after slightly longer this time.

I reckon something is overheating somewhere, I took the panels away that are available to remove at the back, and none of those parts (memory and wirelesss card i guess) are hot at all. (not that I would expect the wireless card to be hot, but hey.It might happen because the heatsink is clogged with lint or the CPU fan stopped working. I am not familiar with Acer laptops but I guess it has some openings in the CPU area so the hot air can get out. Buy a can of compressed air and blow inside the openings. See if it will fix the problem. Turn on the laptop and listen for fan to start spinning. The fan should start spinning before the laptop shuts down. If you cannot hear it then most likely the fan is bad and should be replaced. I have replaced the original battery with a brand new one, still the same symptoms. After disassembling the laptop there is a 2 burnt chips, on the motherboard, not exactly sure if they are resistors, compacitors, or what exactly. The numbers on the component are: 4800B, W42B. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you Curtis Peterson, ISA. Does anyone have an actual dissassemble manual for it? thanks. It worked fine every day for a year, but when I booted up this morning, nothing. Any advice? First of all, I would try to reseat it. Just remove it from the slot and put it back. Overtime a wireless card connector pins can get oxidized and have to be cleaned. Or could suggest some others web sites where i could find forums on acer aspire 1360 turing on problems?. What the hells up? Do you see any LED activity; do you here any sounds from the laptop. Is it completely dead? Only when play dvd. System boots up goes into windows XP and then freezes after 5 mins of use or shuts down right away. Dont know if it is over heating however the fan is working fine and I cleaned the heatsink.Here’s a guess. May be the thermal grease between the heatsink and the CPU is old and doesn’t conduct the heat anymore.

Are you sure that the CPU fan is spinning. Theoretically, this problem might occur because of a failing hard drive. You turn it on when it’s cool and after some time it’s getting hot. After the laptop shuts down, you have to wait some time until the HDD cools down. I’m not sure how it works with Acer laptops. For example Toshiba, Dell, HP supply a recovery, restore media witch you can run to restore the laptop back to original factory settings. Some manufacturers (IBM for example) create a recovery partition on the hard drive and you can access it if you press F-key on startup. Make sure to backup all important data from your hard drive. Everything would be erased if you re-image the drive. I’ve been trying to run the system and recovery discs and keep getting an error ar 15% complete. The application error is 19225. The symnatec ghost detected a corruption on an image file and it recommends an integrity check. I’m not sure how Acer handles this. Have you tried to call them. May be you can buy new recovery discs or replace it for free if your laptop is still covered by warranty? I need to replace mine. Thanks! The sound does not work in my laptop. Thank you! It shouldn’t be very expensive. I think that’s a good price. But I’m nor really sure if they carry recovery disks for older models. In this first year it has broken down approximately every 3 months and has always seemed to run hot. The fan was replaced after 2 months, the motherboard after 4 months, the LCD screen and power cord after 7 months, and now at 11.9 months, it is in for a broken hinge which Acer says will not be covered by the warranty. My son (the user) has been careful with it and yet has had nothing but problems. Suffice to say, we will not buy another Acer. However, is there anywhere we can get repair documentation for this unit. If nothing else we can use it as a learning experience! If the laptop wasn’t abused and still under warranty, I would think it’s covered.

Toshiba replaces broken hinges if the laptop is still under warranty. Unfortunentl i dont not have thom no more. Is it possiable i could buy those cds from on line. If you have suggestions that could help me out it would be a great help to me. The problem I have is that I have a PCMCIA firewire card, which it detects. I then plug in my mini dv camera and it refuses to detect it. It found it once for about 3 minutes then lost it and won’t refind it. I have tested the card and cable and camera on another laptop and they all work fine. Is it the PCMCIA slot that is faulty or would it be a driver problem. If so, where can I get a driver. Thank you very much. Unable to locate my lost CDrom for re-installation, it is stranded. Would be glad to hear from someone out there please. Thks for reading this request. Sincerely Derek 15 Oct 2006 If the warranty is over, I would try this. Remove all modules that you can access: hard drive, DVD drive, wireless card, battery. Even without these modules you still should be able to start the laptop and get some video on the screen. Move the memory into the second slot, if you have any. Try moving the laptop without all abovementioned modules. Does it still shut down. If it’s stable and will not shut down anymore, install parts one by one and test the laptop after each step. Find out after which module it will start failing. It’s possible that simple reseating can fix the problem. If yes, then you might have a loose cable connection somewhere on the system board or inside the display assembly. Further troubleshooting will require taking apart the laptop and reseating all cables. BUT find out if you still have the warranty. First of all, find a multimeter and check if the power on the AC adapter plug cuts off when you move the cord. If it does, you’ll have to replace the adapter. If the adapter is fine, then most likely it’s a power jack problem, it’s either broken or loose.

To fix the problem it would be necessary to resolder or replace the power jack. The power jack problem is very common for Toshiba Satellite M35X, A70 and A75 notebooks. Check out the link and you’ll see what I mean. Thanks for any suggestions in advance. What about the power LED, does it light up. Can you test the AC adapter with a multimeter, may be it’s bad? The right hand speaker start buzzing and distorting. So I sent it into Acer for repair and they said its was one day out of warrinty. So now its going to cost me ?96. I am a systems engineer and have sourced the part 23.T50V7.001 SPEAKER.SET.ZL1A.TM4500 from Germany for 13 Euro’s. So I am going to try myself. I presume you lift out the keyboard and work from there. One recovery CD works for a few different models. The trick is that this CD installs only the operating system and doesn’t have any device drivers on it. After you install the operating system you still have to download and install all missing device drivers. That’s my guess. Just disconnect it from the laptop and connect it back. Then you can download and run Hitachi drive fitness utility to test the hard drive and if the test fails I would replace the hard drive. Most likely you have a faulty hard drive because a good hard drive should be recognized by the BIOS without any problem. Find another laptop hard drive and see if it’s recognized by the BIOS. If you still have the same problem even with a new drive, it might be an issue with the controller on the motherboard. The laptop had a CD-Rom drive installed but was missing the hard drive. For some reason the BIOS didn’t recognize the CD-Rom drive, I didn’t see it listed in the BIOS and wasn’t able to boot from it until I installed a new hard drive. After I installed the hard dive everything works just fine and I can see both devices in the BIOS.

I believe both drives are connected to the same IDE cannel and it’s necessary to have both drives installed (working properly) or the BIOS will not see them. I think you might have the same problem. Both hard drives in your laptop are connected to the same IDE channel and if one of the drives fails, both of them disappear from the BIOS. That’s my guess; please correct me if I’m wrong. Find a test hard drives and replace the drives in your laptop one by one. Check the BIOS after each step to find out with one is a failed drive. Once on windows xp pro will load then machine will lock up. When boot in safe mode.Thank you! It will not power the laptop up now at all. Any ideas folks? Regards, Steve Would this require new hinges or would some lubrification do the trick. With kind regards, Arnoud Quick launch button for email also stays on as well as hard disk led is continuously on. The main processor fan is working but spining very slow. No response when i press the buttons. When i plugged out the battery and the dc supply the computer went off and when i press the main button to switch it on, for half second my computer seems that it is going to start up properly,but the same thing is happening again. Notice: I plugged my USB FLASH LIGHT and i saw that it lights for the same time my computer is trying to start up and then goes off. What i did so far: Pull out the hard disk, the dvd drive, the modem, the screen, the graphics card, the ram memories,the keyboard, the small battery, the main battery and installed them again one by one trying to eliminate any problem.I checked for damages on the mainboard or for eletronic componets malfunctions but i did nothing. I also pull out dc supply and main battery and pressed the main button for 6 seconds for resetting. I have problem the It has been on one trip to acer for service but the problem came back a few months after. They said that the heatsink was cleaned, and i’m thinking of doing the same thing at home.